Merel Klomp
photography | branding | art direction



merel klomp, a rotterdam based creative
fascinated by nature, design & storytelling

A critical creative driven by a clear concept in an aesthetic guise. She would describe herself as a multidisciplinary creative with an eye for detail.
Merel runs together with Elmar Janse creative studio Encrite which is a combination of a creative and a production studio.
Merel graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) within the course of Lifestyle & Design, specialized in the field of Branding.

photography / film / branding / art direction / concepting / set design / food styling

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Willem de Kooning Academy

Clients & Collaborations
Albert Heijn | Senz° Storm Umbrella | Friesland Campina | Sportcity | Staatsbosbeheer |
Quaker | Koninklijke ERU | Nivå interior | New Werktheater | Casestudy | Iscent |